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"We provide quality free online insurance quotes for the self employed, individuals, and small groups. We also offer the most affordable and comprehensive insurance plans representing several highly rated insurance companies, we can tailor a plan to meet your needs providing the most coverage for the least amount of premium dollars. We have been doing business in many states since 1991 or through our partners and associates throughout the USA.

The Phillips Group Inc. is not a Captive Agency. That means we are not limited to the products offered by any one carrier. We find the coverage that best meets your needs and pocket book.

The Phillips Group Inc. offers Multi-line Insurance allowing you to request multiple quotes for different types of insurance all at the same time.

The Phillips Group Inc. is concerned with Service and Rating. Thatís why we work with only the highest rated carriers providing the best service in the insurance industry. We provide quality on going service to all of our clients not just at the time of the sale. We want a long term client relationship and will work to keep your business.

The Phillips Group Inc. also offers Premium Savings. Our primary goal is to help you find the most coverage for the least amount of premium dollars.

The Phillips Group, Inc. protects your personal information. Your Information belongs to you. We only use the information you provide to quote your insurance.

Let The Phillips Group Inc. be an agency that you can trust and a service you can use again. If you havenít already, take the time to complete a free online quote by selecting from the menu at the top and left of this page.

Our home office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma but we can serve you as though we were next door and would appreciate the opportunity to help you with your insurance needs today.

Very Best Regards,

Doug Phillips

The Phillips Insurance Group, Inc.."


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